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Fireweed is a common, leafy, annual broad leaf weed that germinates after April 1st across the Southeast. It grows quickly, which is why weed management is both crucial and difficult. Fireweed can appear in massive numbers that will seem to be taking over the lawn. This weed grows from the thatch layer in warm season lawns (Bermuda and Zoysia) and is able to live above the previously established pre-emergent barrier in your turf that Absolute Green applies. Since fireweed can’t root in properly, regular mowing and increased seasonal heat will cause it to dry up and prevent it from taking over a lawn. While our broad leaf weed sprays will help with weed management, it may continue to germinate for a few months until the temperatures finally wear it out. In the end, this weed is a seasonal nuisance that won’t have a lasting presence in your lawn.