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Lawn care


Lawn Care Program

Early Spring
Lawn care round one is a combination of weed prevention, weed killer and extra nutrients to
enrich the soil.
Late Spring
Lawn care round two is a combination of weed prevention, weed killer to build a barrier through
the rainy spring season.
Core Aeration
One of the key components and having a lust and thick turf is core aeration. We
recommend core aeration at least once a year. Core aeration typical pulls a 3
inch deep plug out of the turf every couple of inches to give the turf oxygen
to the roots and help the grass to not become stagnate.
Early Summer
Lawn care round three is a weed preventer and killer with a balance fertilizer to help the yard
start to green up and grow.
Early-Mid Summer
Lawn care round 4 is a high nitrogen blend fertilizer designed to keep the yard green and health. Also a
weed killer is applied if needed.
Middle-late Summer
Lawn care round five is a balance blend of slow release fertilizer to maintain the green through
the harsh summer hot months. Weed killer is applied if needed.
Early fall
Lawn care round six is combination of weed prevention and weed killer.
Late Fall
Lawn care round seven is a weed prevention and killer to last through the winter months.
Lawn care round eight is a liming application. Liming the soil adjusted the pH levels in soil to
get the soil ready for the next year of fertilizer.

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